Color Palettes: Timeless Trends

It seems silly to think that a potential home buyer may get hung up on a simple cosmetic "fix" such as a home's color scheme, but unfortunately it's more common than you may think.  Most of us can remember when the trend in the 90's was Sage Greens, Maroons, and Rose hues. Now, when we see those colors in an interior, we think to ourselves, 'it's so dated!' Which is why we thought it only made sense to talk about color and its importance when painting your home. 

Six Color Palettes that Won't Go Out of Style [anytime soon]

1. Beige. The term, "builder's beige" was invented because builders know that the rule of thumb when building a new home, is to keep the palette neutral. This palette is universally accepted, and will still look on trend in years to come.


2. Gray. It is extremely popular at this point in time, but the reality is that Gray palettes have been used for centuries, and still can withstand the hands of time. When considering a gray palette, it is important to think about your location. If your home is in a shaded area, go for warmer gray tones. If your home is in direct sunlight, you can complement it's location with cooler toned gray hues.


3. White. When in doubt, choose white. This "non-color" leaves room for your color palette in other aspects of your home's decor. You will never hear a potential buyer say, "it's so white in here." The truth is, white can make your home appear larger, brighter, and more welcoming.

4. Muted Blues. Blue is all the rage right now in home decor. The beauty of this cool tone is that it can be applied in a home's interior and it will not look dated down the road. The key when picking a blue palette that is timeless however, is to stick with the classics. Blues that are too saturated or bold will appear dated in a few years. We recommend pale or navy hues.

5. Muted Greens. Green can make a statement in a home's interior when it is bold and saturated, but years down the road you may regret choosing that color. When considering a green color palette, it's best to steer towards green hues that are "muddy," or neutral. 

6. Black & White. Reminiscent of checkered tiles in ancient Greek architecture, the black and white color scheme is as timeless as it gets.