Seattle Eastside: Invest in Real Estate in these Neighborhoods!

As our economy continues to grow in Seattle, many people are opting to live in the suburbs, particularly on the East side in the cities of Bellevue and Kirkland. Located just across Lake Washington from Seattle, they're the perfect location for families, career professionals, and retirees. But there are neighborhoods within these cities in which we are seeing a trend- the real estate is going up in value at an astonishing rate. We are seeing investors from other countries (China in particular,) snagging up homes knowing that their value may double in just a few years time.

Bellevue and Kirkland: 6 Neighborhoods to Buy A Home Now

1. Lakemont. Just East of Bellevue, Lakemont has become a rapidly expanding neighborhood with a variety of multi-family and high end residences. Located hillside, adjacent to i-90, it is overlooking Lake Sammamish.  Lakemont's residents are proud of where they live, which a great school system and modern conveniences just a jaunt down the freeway.

2. Eastgate. The Eastgate neighborhood has become a very popular spot for retirees and career minded individuals alike. Conveniently located near the i-90 bridge, Eastgate has seen an influx of home buyers from Seattle commuters. The Eastgate neighborhood sits overlooking Lake Washington and stretches East towards the 405, with access to downtown Bellevue and Factoria shopping and schools.

3. Hidden Valley. Located just South of Hwy 520, the Hidden Valley neighborhood has grown increasingly popular for Seattle and North Seattle commuters seeking a peaceful and virtually crime free lifestyle with a convenient drive into the city. 

4. Totem Lake. This area North of Kirkland is ever-expanding with new shopping and entertainment centers, medical conveniences, and part of a great school system. It's location between Bothell and Kirkland is the perfect area for East side employees as well as Seattle commuters. 

5. Lake View. One of Kirkland's hottest locations, the Lake View neighborhood, located in the heart of Kirkland is known for it's walk score, entertainment and restaurants, and of course the spectacular views of Lake Washington and Seattle. 

6. Moss Bay. Located just north of downtown Kirkland, Moss Bay is becoming increasingly popular for new homeowners and retirees. Located on Lake Washington, it's conveniently located between Totem Lake and Kirkland. North Seattle commuters are moving to this area at a rapid rate, as it provides the peacefulness of a small town feel with the modern conveniences of the city.