Preparing to Sell Your Home? Here's How to Refresh Your Interior to Attract Top Buyers

Are you ready to move? If you're considering selling your home, there are many things you can do to refresh your space that will not only increase your home's value perception, but photograph beautifully and assist in the marketing of your home's sale.

7 Ways to Refresh Your Home to Sell!

1. Remove those Family Photos. Yes, we think your family is cute, and we would love to dwell on those memories at the Grand Canyon, but the average buyer wants to be able to picture themselves in your home as though it was their's already. Remove all photos of family, friends, even pets.


2. Unclutter! We all get so used to seeing those nick knacks and other little cluttery things in our homes to the point of not even noticing them anymore. Walk through your home as though you had never been there before, and you will start to notice the unnecessary clutter. Remove those old magazines that have piled up on the coffee table. Put away that homemade Christmas ornament your child made last year. Take some stuffed animals off the kids' beds, and relocate them to the local thrift store.  There is no more a turn off to a buyer than feeling like they are on an episode of TLC's "Hoarders." Clean open spaces, cleared counters (no toaster, etc.), and lightly decorated wall space is what sells. Buyers like to picture their own belongings in your home-- give them a clean palette to work with.

3. Neutral, Neutral, Neutral. All too often you see episodes on real estate TV shows such as "House Hunters" where the potential home buyers just can't "get past that purple wall in the bathroom!" Most of us realize this is only cosmetic and an inexpensive "fix," but you wouldn't believe how impacting your home's color palette truly is. If your home has different colored walls in every room, it's time to consider reducing the visual noise by painting the entire interior one neutral color, such as a muted gray or beige.

4. Curb Appeal. We all know the saying, "it's all about the first impression." Well, that saying also applies when selling your home. Many buyers will be turned off by their first impression and will already have made up their minds that they don't like a home just based on that. Refresh your home's exterior. Give it the wow factor. Put a fresh coat of paint on, paint the front door a bright, inviting color, and mow the lawn, pull the weeds, and hang up that "welcome" wreath you've had in the craft room for months.

5. Consider the 5 Senses. Our minds are programmed to react to all five senses when we enter a new space. It is how we first observe the space, having an ultimate impact on our feelings towards being in it. Many of us have pets and are so used to the smell of Fido, that we forget that it may be offensive to others. Take a step outside and walk in as though you have never been in your home before. Does it smell nice? Does it visually feel calm? Is it nice and quiet? Would you picture yourself eating dinner there? Are the surfaces clean and clear of clutter? If so, you're bound to sell quickly!  Hint: Light scented candles, bake fresh cookies, put on light classical music in the background.

6. Don't Forget the Nooks and Crannies. What many of us forget is that the potential buyers are going to be opening our refrigerator, closets, and drawers. Be sure to keep these nice and tidy- you don't want your shoe collection to make or break that offer.


7. Create "Stations." The first thing buyers want when they walk into a home, is to be able to visualize themselves in the space. Create a reading nook next to your fireplace with a comfy chair and warm lamp. In the back yard, place a hammock under that old Oak tree. If there is no distinct separation between your dining and living room, create one visually by placing your furniture between each space. You will want to create the idea that only fond memories are to be created in your home.