Seattle Love! Our 8 Favorite Hidden Gems

We love Seattle. That's for sure. It takes a true Seattleite to really appreciate our colorful city, in all of its glory. Even lately, with all the downpour of rain that has us feeling gloomy, there is a subtle calm to it all... especially when you seek out these hidden gems.

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Seattle: 8 Hidden Gems!

1. Bathtub Gin. This little gem is hidden in an alleyway just East of Pike Place Market. Look for a gray door... On busy nights, you will see a security guard outside, but sometimes, it's hard to find! Scratch cocktails are made by a seasoned bartender, there's dim ambiance, and a quaint basement with seating to sip & chill. It's a modern day hipsteresque speakeasy that rocks.

2.  Lincoln Park Free Zipline. Make your way to Lincoln Park in West Seattle. If you haven't yet, you're missing out on one of the most gorgeous views Seattle has to offer. While the beachfront part of the park has the perfect walking path, there's another picnic park that sits above the water with its own zipline, free for anyone to use.

3. Flip Flip Ding Ding. Ever been to Georgetown? It's definitely a fun, eclectic little spot just South of Seattle. Our favorite place to visit is this little pinball arcade, complete with its own bar. Open late, it's the perfect Friday night date spot.

4. Super Deli Mart. Once you've been here, you will want to tell your friends about it. From the outside, it's your average convenient store- not much to write home about. But on the inside, it's got TV's for football, a great draft beer selection, and some of the best sandwiches you will ever eat. It's still a convenient store- so it's an experience that you won't forget.

5. Orient Express. If you haven't made it in there, you're missing out. Located just south downtown Seattle, this little gem has private karaoke rooms, a full lounge with a jukebox, and the perfect Chinese diner food for a midnight snack. But what really makes this place unique is that it is a restaurant inside of several old train cars stacked next to each other. The interior is something you don't want to miss.

6.  Electric Boat Rentals. The best part about these Lake Union boat rentals is that you get to be the captain! Because they don't run at a high speed, the average Joe can drive one of these puppies through the Lake while enjoying the awesome views of Seattle, Ballard, and Montlake.

7. Haunted Coke Machine. Located on Capitol Hill, legend has it that this Coke machine has a mind of its own. Some say it spits out random sodas, while others say it either takes your change or gives you too much. Nonetheless, use at your own risk!

8. Hat & Boots. Okay, back to Georgetown. These little gems used to be part of a Texaco station back in the day. Now they're part of a city park-- the perfect photo op.